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2021 First Week – Session Update

We had a busy start to session this first week. I had 5 of my bills passed through committee, including three that passed last year through the Senate but didn’t fully pass the House.

Here is a quick breakdown of each of the bills:

SB584 would prohibit city or local funds from going to Planned Parenthood or similar groups;

SB612 would prohibit all abortions other than to save the life of the mother & would fine the abortionist up to $100,000 & charge them with a felony;

SB441 would prohibit using red light traffic cameras anywhere in the state;

SB346 would prohibit cities from having traffic quotas by requiring officers write a certain number or amount of tickets;

and SB572 would prohibit cities & counties from having a “sanctuary city for illegal immigrants” or they could lose funding.

Please contact your State Senator & State Representative to ask them to co-author & vote yes on each of these bills. It’s an honor to fight for you all.